When it comes to creating a CV for electrical technician, you don’t just need expertise, technical education, training, and certification. Your electrical technician CV should also talk about the skills you have acquired over time. Skills help you distinguish yourself from other electrical technicians applying for the same role.

Key Skills to Include in Your CV for Electrical Technician

Analytical & Problem-Solving Attitude

You must have the ability to quickly identify and resolve problems. It means having a proactive approach to finding faults and resolving them as they occur. A laid-back attitude will not help an aspiring electrical technician. Your electrical technician CV must mention your ability to exercise your judgment to resolve problems. Many times, when you are working remotely in site areas, you are all by yourself and no one is there to guide you. These skills help you come up with solutions in most difficult of the times.

Creativity and Ability to Present Out-of-the-Box Solutions

You must be someone creative and having the capacity to deliver out of the box solutions. When you work with large industrial clients, the solution that you are presenting may not seem to be the most obvious or best suited for your client because of budget, specifications, or any other differences or constraints. In such circumstances, you must be able to come up with rare solutions to specific problems. If you are creative and out of the box solution provider, always mention that in your electrical technician resume.

A Knack for Customer Service, Sales, and Business Development

Companies expect their technical support electricians to up-sell and cross-sell their products to customers. Therefore, if you are a people person and can sell extra electrical equipment, instruments, or other tools, it is a definite plus. Large OEMs that hire electrical technicians need someone who can identify an opportunity to sell their products while still delivering a solution which suits clients’ specifications. Always mention if you can contribute to the company’s sales or have previously done so successfully.

Ability to Effectively Communicate Orally and In Writing

If you have climbed up your career ladder successful to reach a more responsible level, your senior electrical technician resume must focus on management skills. Also, your ability to communicate in English in writing and orally is critical. Therefore, if you are capable of effectively communicating, it is great. However, if you need to upgrade your English language skills, it is highly recommended that you take some reading and writing courses or lessons.

A Mechanical Aptitude

If you are an electrical engineer, you must also have some sense of mechanics. It means you enjoy taking things apart to get to the depth of the problem. However, you must also be able to put things back so that they are in their previous working order. Mechanical aptitude also refers to how the various mechanical parts of an electrical instrument work. You can mention your mechanical skill in the technical expertise or professional competencies section.

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