If you are trying to find a job in Pakistan but haven’t yet been able to get it, you probably don’t realize the challenge.

A Wikipedia page suggests that every year close to 455,000 higher education students graduate in Pakistan to enter the job market.

It means there exists a lot of competition that you have to surmount to reach your career goal. You also need to consider revising your job search strategies if you haven’t been able to get a job.

Practical Tips to Improve Job Search Strategies to Find a Job in Pakistan

Here are a few tips which would surely help you get off to a great start if you are looking to improve your chances of getting hired and to successfully find a job in Pakistan.

Prioritize Your Career Goals First

It is essential that you first know the type of role that you want to pursue. It will help you set your direction right. Don’t fall for just any well-paying job, make sure that you see growth and passion for doing that kind of work. Else, if you are just going for money, the HR manager will know right away and won’t consider you for the role. Once you know the type of role you want to do, you would have to start from the bottom. Do not consider an internship as sedentary work, it will give you the basics of moving within the corporate world, help develop necessary work discipline, and a quick overview of practical experience.

Decide Types of Companies or Organizations You Want to Work In

Once you have determined your work interests, you need to consider the companies that can offer similar roles. Make sure that you search all these companies that match your career goals and also determine how you are going to bring along values to a role similar to what you are interested in. This will give you a good idea about appropriately preparing yourself for the job interview. When you are preparing yourself for employment in advance, it helps you in job interviews regardless of the fact that you still need to master job-related skills and have no experience yet.

Private VS Public Companies

There are two ways to approach your job search in Pakistan. One way is to find a job in Pakistan in the private sector. The other way is to go for a role in a public employment service. Government jobs are permanent as well as on a contract basis in Pakistan. However, private jobs are mostly insecure but usually with a faster growth trajectory. This blog post does not suggest whether you have to go with one or the other type of job. It is up to you to decide as per your aptitude and future career goals, since private job lay off episodes are very common in the Pakistani job market and across the world. However in government jobs many think growth opportunities are limited.

References Are Important

When you are starting your career in the Pakistani job market, you need to ensure that you have included References on your Resume. They are not mandatory but definitely add a lot more authenticity. You may consider adding a job reference from your educational institutes like that of your professor or lecture. Or, you can also consider adding professional references to someone who you know that works in an organization at a serious post. Make sure to add the reference of a person who can vouch for your creditability.

Don’t Discount Effectiveness of Networking

Just applying on the leading job websites in Pakistan won’t help. You also need to consider networking by visiting organizations, job events, and any other ways to reach to potential employers. For example, leading schools in business, engineering, medical, and other fields provide you with job placement opportunities. If your educational institute provides you with such an opportunity, don’t let it go to waste. Dress appropriately as per the occasion when networking with HR managers and other personnel department employees of a company.

Expand Your Search Beyond Job Websites in Pakistan

There are a lot of job searches carried out on Google Pakistan on a daily basis. However, a lot of job seekers in Pakistan confine themselves to the most commonly used job sites in Pakistan. Make sure that you also look for jobs on company’s websites that you think you can work for in the future. Secondly, you can also consider searching for jobs in LinkedIn. There are many social media groups online to find a job in Pakistan. A diverse job search strategy will help you increase your chances of getting hired by seeing opportunities that may otherwise be filled internally and just announced on a company website. Also, look for jobs in classifieds of famous newspapers in Pakistan that announce roles by employers. You can also consider hiring an employment agency or recruitment firm for your job search in Pakistan.

Improve Your Resume, Focus on Covering Letter, and Keep an Updated LinkedIn Profile

Your resume is your personal brand ambassador and thus you need to treat it as one. You can hire professional resume writing services in Pakistan or do it yourself, whatever approach you follow, make sure it is a professionally presentable personal sales document. Always write a Cover Letter, customized to each employer’s requirements and make it part of your regular job application process. Also, focus on the values and skill to make your Cover Letter more persuasive.

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