When you are looking to revamp your CV for digital marketing manager job in Pakistan, you must realize that there is a lot of competition. Whether you are an SEO expert, a PPC guru, Social Media Manager, or a Content Marketer, you need to make sure that your digital marketing Resume is able to create a voice for you that helps you get the job.

Fine Tuning Your CV for Digital Marketing Manager Job in Pakistan

Here are a few things you always need to keep in mind

Customize Your Resume to Each Digital Marketing Job Description

Your digital marketing manager CV covers the different areas of expertise. However, not every job requires the same kind of expertise in the exact proportion. Thus, you need to make sure that you customize your CV for digital marketing manager as per the specific needs of your employer. Else, you would risk getting overlooked for other candidates.

Always Send a Covering Letter for All Digital Marketing Jobs

A Covering Letter is an important document but often a digital marketing CV is sent without it. Always send your Covering Letter when applying for a digital marketing job. It will give you more space to showcase all that expertise which distinguish you from others. When you are writing your Cover letter for the digital marketing manager job, please have a look at the job description to get a grasp of what the employer has asked for.

Digital Marketing Managers Need to Focus on Their Skills

An important part of your digital marketing manager resume is your skill set. The skills in the digital marketing sphere keep on changing with time. What is relevant now, may not remain the same in the future. Make sure that your CV for digital marketing manager presents skills that in demand within the market. For example, you may be considering on your digital manager CV skills like paid SMM, online conversions, Google & Bing Ad Words, and transferrable skills like having the ability to manage a team.

Don’t Rely on Just One Job Site

There are many job sites in Pakistan through which you can apply for a job. However, you need to focus on multiple sources of finding a job. Some companies post digital marketing jobs in Pakistan on their websites. Other companies ask employees who work in them to post jobs on their social media accounts. Thus, you need to be proactive in searching for different sources where you can

Be Proactive and Always Consider using LinkedIn for Searching Jobs in Pakistan

Close to 2 million professionals use LinkedIn. Soon the world over usage of LinkedIn will touch 600 million users. As a digital marketing manager, you know that clients can come from local and international sources. Therefore, you need to have a proactive presence on LinkedIn profile. Make sure to add special characters and write a concise LinkedIn profile summary. Also, don’t forget to get LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements of the skills you have mastered as a top digital marketing professional in Pakistan.

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