Approximately 500,000 higher education students graduate from universities to enter Pakistan’s workforce in a country of 220 million each year, local job market estimates suggest. The increasing number of unemployed graduates in the country adds to the difficulties of the job seekers. This heightened state of competition for a single job point to the fact that there is more demand than supply of jobs in Pakistan.

A job seeker who is applying for available job opportunities with a professional CV enjoys a clear and distinct advantage over job seekers who do not have one.

A poorly formatted Resume dents your confidence and diminishes your ability to negotiate a better salary with the prospective employer. Don’t make a lousy curriculum vitae an excuse for not getting a job in Pakistan. Take charge of the situation, get yourself a professional Resume or else risk getting overlooked by the employer in favor of that candidate who created a much more professional career persona and hence got shortlisted for the job and was selected.

Keep in mind, no matter how much competent, skilled, capable, or a high achiever you are, unless your CV represents your career history in a highly Professional manner, it would not be possible for you to convince the employer to even get shortlisted for further consideration. Therefore, having a Professional CV in Pakistan is inevitable for long term career success and growth.

Before you select any professional CV creation services, you need to know “why you must have a professional CV in Pakistan”?

Why a Professional CV in Pakistan?

Here are a few things that you need to consider to determine the importance of a professional CV in Pakistan.

Reasons to Have a Professional CV in Pakistan

  • Recruiters, HR Managers, & Employers have to sift through dozens of CVs to find the right candidates for the announced role, hence only have 7 to 30 seconds to spend to make up their mind about shortlisting candidates.
  • Your resume is financially the most important document that you will have in your entire professional life.
  • A professional written personal sales document finetunes every aspect of your career focusing on highlights, relevant responsibilities, skills, hobbies, interests, and avocations. Your CV only gets shortlisted if it effectively communicates your personal values, expertise, qualifications, and achievements or accomplishments in a quantifiable manner.
  • The perfectionism with which you have prepared your curriculum vitae reflects your professionalism towards getting the job.

Please keep in mind that a professional CV is a must to get noticed in increasing competition for getting a job in Pakistan. A professional Resume is a must regardless of your career level (Entry Level, Mid-Career, Senior Management Level, or C-Level). However, as you move up your career ladder in the corporate world, having a professional Resume becomes even more critical.

Reflecting Your Personal Brand

A Resume or CV represents your personal brand. Keep in mind that to reflect your personal brand as a thorough professional, you only have one chance to impress the potential Employer, Recruiter or HR Manager. Don’t let that one chance to leave a great first impression slip away.

It is important to understand that employers in Pakistan are increasingly looking to have individuals who can differentiate themselves from the rest. You can rely upon a ready to use CV format, template, example, or sample. But, by using this approach, you would not be able to differentiate yourself from the rest unless you believe in yourself and reflect an image in line with what the company is looking for. Be yourself, but in a very professionally acceptable manner.

Becoming a superstar in your industry is one thing and successfully representing the same personal values and traits on a Resume is a totally different one. Besides the milestones you have achieved in your career, your curriculum vitae should be reflective of the strengths that you bring along if considered for a role.

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