The recent turmoil in the media industry of Pakistan is surely going to pose some challenges for the journalists. However, space for getting a journalist job will become more competitive in Pakistan. Thus, your CV for a journalist needs to reflect your prowess and talent as one of the best journalists in Pakistan. There are certain things that you need to consider before you send your CV for a journalist job in Pakistan.

Simple Tips to Make the Most Impact When Creating CV for a Journalist

Here are the tips that would help you outshine your competition when applying for journalist jobs in Pakistan

Do Not Rely on Single CV for Journalist Jobs in Pakistan

There are different types of journalism jobs announced in Pakistan. For example, in journalism, you can find young journalist jobs if you are new to this profession or senior journalist jobs if you are a veteran of the journalism industry in Pakistan. There can be other types of roles that you may like to consider relating to Frontline, TV, Media, Multimedia, and Freelance Broadcast Journalist jobs. Make sure when you apply for such a role, your Journalism Resume reflects you for the role appropriately. Do not try to use a custom journalist CV template as it won’t help you get into big TV and well-established News channels in Pakistan.

(Some of the leading News TV Channels in Pakistan include ARY News, Aaj News, Dunya News, 92 News, Dawn News, Express News, PTV News, NEO News, Public News, Dawn News, Waqt News, Capital News, and Geo News. These are just some examples of the top news channels in Pakistan that you can consider applying in.)

Avoid Adding Unnecessary Information

There are many pieces of information that you should avoid adding to your journalist resume. For example, unless required, you do not need to add your date of birth when creating a CV for a journalist. Similarly, there is no need to add your marital status as a journalist. Also, unless required, do not put in your passport number. Religion or other information which probably won’t help you get hired must not become part of your Resume unless you are applying for a news channel in Pakistan which makes it mandatory to mention it. It is essential that you take into consideration the time of the Recruiters looking to fill media jobs in Pakistan. Also, do not make the mistake of including your salary as the salary of journalists is a hotly debated topic and you need to discuss it in your job interview when given the chance.

Try to Add Journalism and Media Related Keywords for Jobs in Pakistan

When you are applying for a journalist job in Pakistan, please keep in mind that a lot of individuals will apply for the same position. You need to focus on your core strengths and values that can you bring up as an upcoming journalist in Pakistani media and news industry. There are certain skills on which you can focus also like knowledge of English, Urdu, and any other regional language in which you are reporting while working in a Pakistani journalist job. It may also include knowledge about media production & communication, ability to take feedback positively, exceptional written & oral communication skills, persistence, and determination. Please do not forget to mention if you are tech-savvy with a touch for social media & MS Offsite Suite. The ability to use computer and important software packages including the ones used in media will help you stand out when applying for a journalist in Pakistan.

Please Check for Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

The world of journalism is full of different challenges but not everything can be included in your CV for a journalist. Make sure that you do not use too difficult to understand terminologies. Also, double check for any grammatical or spelling errors. If you have a friend or colleague who can check it for you, please ask them for their constructive feedback to improve your journalist Resume. There is no such thing as a perfect CV for a journalist or a perfect Resume template, therefore, whenever you get a chance improve your CV for a journalist job.

Use Powerful Words Wherever Possible

Do not use the word “I” in your Resume, including that of a CV for a journalist does not use the first person or “I”. Also, intelligent use of industry relevant keywords will create an impact which is highly recommended. Instead of saying Produce, say “Produced” to create a better impression. Your words should not show that you “can do a task” instead they must focus on “you have already done a particular task in an expert manner.” This approach is more impactful than mere change in words since it exhibits greater confidence and ability to deliver.

Always Highlight Your Journalistic Contributions

Pakistan has been declared as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. It means you may have had the opportunity to cover a story from the front line or an accomplishment that would make you stand out. For example, if you are investigative journalist who broke a story, you can showcase that on your Resume for a journalist. There can be different contributions varying with type of job you have as a journalist. Always use bullet points when highlighting your contributions and achievements as a journalist working in Pakistan.

Customize Your CV for a Journalist Job

There are so many journalist jobs announced in Pakistan. Therefore, if you are trying for different journalist jobs in Pakistan using the same journalist CV template, you will not be able to impress the Recruiters in the Pakistani Journalism and Media industry. Always use a customized CV for each of the journalist jobs advertised in Pakistan. Also, if possible write a customized Cover Letter against each of the journalist jobs.

Keep Your Employers in Mind

Not every Media and News Channel in Pakistan is the same. Each of them has a different working style and requirements. Therefore, not every journalist job in Pakistan should have the same approach when applying for it. Some of the journalist jobs in Pakistan are related to the field while others are indoors. Therefore, match your expertise on your journalist Resume with the job requirements. It will help you outcompete other job applicants applying for the same journalist jobs in Pakistan.

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