Android developer skills are high in demand. There are certain top technical skills for Android developer that you need to particular focus on while creating your Resume.

Skills for Android Developer

Let’s quickly browse through those must to include technical skills for Android developer.

Technical Skills for Android Developer


Git is fast becoming a requirement whether you work in a team or in an individual capacity. Therefore, one of the technical skills for Android developer in Resume is the inclusion of Git. As you would need to use some type of version control system. It may not mean you need to be a complete expert but still, have pushed changes and used a repository.

Hands-on Experience Working on APIs

You must have experience working on your own or third-party APIs. These APIs may include REST or JSON APIs and XML/SOAP APIs. The basic concepts behind these APIs are the same. The main differences that exist related to data parsing and the way you request. Therefore, mastery of these apps can be considered among Android developer key skills.

Android SDK

A key Android developer required skill remains the Android SDK. Some of the basics that you need to focus on include:

  • A basic grasp of the views and layouts.
  • Activities and knowledge about their lifecycle.
  • User input
  • To get data from the web
  • Storing of data
  • Collection view which includes ListViews, and Adapters including default & custom.
  • Action Bar
  • To accommodate various screen sizes and densities


Among top Android developer technical skills, Java programming knowledge is also required. Android apps rely on various technologies and many positions for native development rely upon Java, besides using Eclipse or Android Studio as your IDE. Highlight your ability to program in Java by showcasing the basic knowledge of the programming structures and syntax,.

Back-end Skills

The ability to contribute to the back-end system is also among top technical skills for Android developer in demand. List down your expertise in the use of back-end technologies including NodeJS, Django, .NET, and Rails. If you don’t have these skills, you can still develop them. So whenever the next time an Android developer job description asks for back-end skills you have already mastered them.

Non-Technical Skills

Besides the Android developer technical skills, you must also focus on other personal traits too. This non-technical Android developer skills list will help you distinguish yourself and improve your chances of getting shortlisted.

Writing Capabilities

Writing is becoming an important part of the skill set for an Android developer. Thus, you need to be comfortable while effectively communicating in writing. This means having the ability to develop documentation and work-related summaries comprehensible even for the non-technical users of information.

Communication and Collaboration

As an Android developer, you need to communicate across functions in the organization besides collaborating with others. It may mean having the ability to communicate with management, designers, and end users. You may also need to participate in feedback sessions and incorporate changes.

Passion & Commitment

If you like what you do, you won’t have to work a single day in your life, a saying that perfectly resonates with any profession that we choose.  It also means showing your commitment to your employer that you are not just serious in what you do but also passionate about it, with a positive learning attitude towards it.

Other Potential Requirements

Here are a few other requirements that you also need to keep in mind.

Links to Published Android Apps

One way to show that you mean business when it comes to Android app development is by sharing a link to an application you created and got published. Many employers of Android developers in Pakistan expect to see some sample mobile applications you have created in the past.

Ideally to have a College Degree

Although college degree may not be something that every employer wants if you are a skillful and knowledgeable Android developer. Still, it is highly desirable that you demonstrate a solid grasp of the basics of the field of IT, particularly software, and object-oriented programming or OOP.

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